Friday, August 15, 2008

Eris as a slave and as a mistress

As always Eris has been a switch she can be a real mean mistress or an extreme submissive slave but as i seen her do a real 24/7 slave i envy her master for having such a great slave in the form of eris because she knows how to pleasure her master because she has an experience as a master and as a slave that is why when she is doing the role of a real slave she knows what to do on how to pleasure her master and when she is a mistress she still know how to pleasure her slave. That is the one advantage of being a switch you know how to pleasure on both end. This beautiful slave is wearing her favorite collar as she is been honor by her master if you want to see the video of eris as a slave you can click it here Eris Slave or if you want to see her as a mistress you can see her here Mistress Eris.


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